Infinite Ways “To Go” with MyMix2go

People live on-the-go lifestyles, probably more than any other time in history.  They multi-task, thus making heavy schedules a verifiable necessity. That goes for work days and play days. That’s why the popularity of MyMix2go, a reusable, eco-friendly plastic container, is on the radar of people “on the go”. Originally designed for toting around supplemental powder mixes, the versatility of MyMix2go is practically limitless as a water-resistant container (cup and lid) made of food grade, BPA free plastic. 

Infinite Ways “To Go” with MyMix2go

Infinite Ways “To Go” with MyMix2go

You would have thought poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning knew about the benefits and positive attributes of MyMix2go when she wrote, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” in the 1800s. She would have found her own uses for MyMix2go suitable to her era. But in the 21st century people are exploring the many reasons for transporting stuff they need to keep together, to keep their act together. 

Making a trip to the beach or the pool with the kids means lugging along necessities in something that will protect them from getting wet. Take money, for one. You don’t want anybody to “take” it and you don’t want it to get wet so protect it when you store it in the MyMix2go, with its water resistant feature. Nothings worse than a soggy 20 dollar bill. 

Next, you need your kids favorite treats like those gummy bears and gummy worms which can get sticky real fast in humidity. Pour the multi-colored candies in a MyMix2go container, capable of holding 75 cubic centimeters of product in the bottom half, and roughly a little more in the top.

Thirdly, treats for Fido are a necessity when he’s burning up energy on the beach. MyMix2go will keep all of his goodies dry. 

What about you and your chillin’ powdered drug of choice. Marijuana will keep its integrity in a MyMix2go container because wet pot is an awfully sad thought. 

Those are only four uses for MyMix2go in one day at the beach or pool. Sounds like you’re going to need a dozen or so when you count the ways, as Browning wrote, you’ll love MyMix2go. 

Paul Ercole