The Best Powder Supplements for Overall Health

The Best Powder Supplements for Overall Health What you get out of your body depends on what you put in it. Right now, supplement powders are all the rage. Gwyneth Paltrow and Lebron James have both had good things to say about them. Everyone has some miracle powder they use to look and feel their best. Quality and effectiveness varies among products. Some of those supplement powders you hear about on TV and radio are good for you and can significantly boost your overall health and wellbeing. Others, well…

How Do You Choose?

What are you trying to achieve? MyMix2Go says the powdered drink you choose should be based on your intentions. Below is information on some of the most popular supplement powders available.


According to researchers, spirulina may provide spectacular post-workout benefits. Spirulina is made from freshwater algae – which may not sound appetizing at first, but the benefits are immense. Not only does the tiny plant pack a powerful nutritional punch, but also its natural antiinflammatory properties can seriously help your post-workout recovery.


It turns out that the same thing that keeps your face from sagging may just keep your joints healthy, too. Hydrolyzed collagen, when taken regularly, has been reported to decrease join pain and soreness in professional athletes. Collagen hydrolysate also appears to aid your gut health with its natural amino acid glycine.


Flaxseed has been cultivated by humans since the days of ancient Babylon, and for good reason. They may not have known it then, but flax is chock-full of Omega-3 fatty acids. If you can’t stand fish but don’t want to miss out on this heart-healthy nutrient, then flax powder is your answer.


Whatever supplements you decide on, whether it’s exotic or good old-fashioned whey protein, carry it with you using MyMix2Go. We designed MyMix2Go for people who are on the move and don’t need anything fancy or overcomplicated dragging them down. Our supplement container is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and waterproof. With MyMix2Go, it’s YOUR mix, the way YOU want it.

Paul Ercole