Q: What is MyMix2go?

A: MyMix2go is a Multi-Purpose container that is designed to take supplemental powder mixes on the go and easily transfer into disposable water bottles. It is also great as a storage container for shaker bottles and small snacks, as well getting baby formula into baby bottles. Did we say MULTI-PURPOSE OR WHAT?!? It comes in 3 different parts that allow for great custom choices.

Q: Who is this useful for?

A: If you have a pulse, even a slow one, this works for you. We've sold this product to anyone from the elite athlete to the crazy cat lady. Kids love this container too. They can color on it and put small snacks with them 2 go! Parents with babies free up their diaper bags by leaving the bulk packaging home! You can too!

Q: How much powder does this hold?

A: MyMix2go is designed to hold 75CCs (cubic centimeters) of powder in the bottom half, or as we like to call "The Cup." It is a round container so "The Lid" holds the same amount (actually a little more in the neck). We roughly equate that to safely storing 120CCs of powder that you can take to go, and then add to whatever style bottle you'd like!

Q: Can I order a different color than the ones shown?

A: The current colors we have are as follows:

  • CAP - Red, White, Black

  • LID - Red, White, Black

  • CUP - Red, Black, Blue, Pink

A good mathematician would say that is 35.2879 possibilities (I think). More options will be available in the future. If you want a custom color, depending on the order size, we can possibly make that happen. Just ask!

Q: What if I hate this piece of junk?

A: Ouch! If there is a problem, before going to YouTube or FaceBook, please contact us and we will help make it right. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Q: Can I make a custom order for my store?

A: YES! Partnership opportunities are available. Just contact us directly and we will gladly put together a custom order (with special pricing) for your store. The more you order, the cheaper they cost!

Q: Is this container safe?

A: Your container is food grade, BPA free, dishwasher safe, pet friendly, kid friendly, mother-in-law friendly, water resistant (not designed to hold water but protects your products if you drop them in the pool). 

Q: How do I keep my expensive supplements safe??

A: First. Make sure you screw the cap on all the way. Second. When attaching the lid to the cup, listen for the satisfying sound of the "click!" And Third. Be careful. Any time you are messing with powder, there is a possibility of a mess. Sorry MyMix2go didn't pass the "drop off the rooftop" test.

Here is how to open and close your MyMix2go container.